Have Regular Service

Should you have your furnace and air conditioner serviced regularly?  YES.


Many furnace & a/c malfunctions could be prevented (usually at a lower cost) by spotting them before they actually cause a breakdown. Regular maintenance will allow us to clean and inspect your furnace or a/c for problematic conditions.


Many of today's higher efficiency furnaces and air conditioners have more safety switches, sensors, condensate traps and tubing that should be inspected/cleaned regularly. Furnaces and A/C units often will shut down simply because they sense a potential problem.


Change the Filter

Every heating & cooling system has an air filter, change it often, and never run the system without a filter in place. This is one of the most common causes of heating and cooling breakdowns, not to mention wasted energy. Most of the filter manufacturers, 3M® and Naturalaire® to name the two most popular, in regards to the 1" thick filters will say something like "lasts UP to 90 days".


That's a general rule and is marketed toward giving you a perceived value for your money. Depending on your house, children, pets, and the neighborhood (ongoing construction causes extra dirt and dust) and most importantly the weather, it may last longer than 90 days or it may only last 30 days.


The larger 4-5" filters should last 6 months to one year.  Electronic air cleaners should also be cleaned every 30-60 days.


Purchase a Better Filter

Vent Filters.  We do NOT recommend using vent filters that are sold in many home/hardware stores. These often will restrict too much air especially when they start getting dirty.  Instead purchase a slightly better filter and change it more often.

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